Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dynam A-10 'Crash Proofed' by Killer Planes

The Dynam A-10 is the A-10 we've picked for wheels down takeoff and landing AND hand launched flying. It has a solid belly that supports skid plates (the wing pods in ALL other EPO A-10s are hollow), it's nicely balanced for a handhold, and it only needs a decent toss to get airborne. Of course, the Killer Planes Dynam A-10 is available with our famous custom Crashproofing Kit. The kit for the Dynam A-10 includes 4 piece custom skid plates (for the handlaunch belly landings) and a carbon fiber framework (for the high speed unplanned landings), and even includes an extra set of landing gear, because the front gear of our test plane broke after a bunch of smackdowns. With the skidplates installed, you can even put the removable wheels on for runway flying. Like the rest of our kits, it has instructions that are written in American English by a competent, knowledgeable craftsman - that's right - ME.
We have a Dynam A-10 in our shop that we've been test flying for over a year, and you wouldn't believe the stuff we've crashed into with it, not to mention how fast it was going when it hit said stuff. The record is over 75 MPH into a steel support cable on a phone pole (don't ask). That crash required a new motor assembly, but, out of about 25 crashes, it's the only crash that required any new plane parts. (Some of the crashes didn't even get a crack). One head-in high speed crash shattered the carbon fiber rods, so we replaced them. Other than the motor assembly, our much abused test plane has ALL the original parts except for the front landing gear, which needed replacing after about 20 of those smackdowns I mentioned. This plane even survived a 4 x 8 of plywood falling on it without any damage- it's a BEAST with Crashproofing! The EPO foam is a completely different material from what you think of as styrofoam- it's AMAZING stuff. With the addition of the carbon fiber Crashproofing Kit it becomes nearly indestructible - think "styrofoam from Krypton".
Just so you don't think I'm a nutcase on a wrecking rampage, I should mention that the Dynam A-10 has EXCELLENT flight characteristics, climbs like a bat out of hell, and looks really good- even after it's been as beat up as ours! It does all the requisite fighter maneuvers like rolls, loops, inverted flight and the rest with EASE- after all, it's modeled after the vaunted A-10, and it flies like one! I should also mention the steerable front wheel- it's always good to keep the plane on the runway, right? The flight controls are throttle, elevator and ailerons, like all the other A-10s we've tested. I personally don't miss the rudder when I'm yankin' and bankin' this baby. (In reality, it's more like bankin' and yankin' but who am I to stand in the way of poetry?). AND- one of the greatest things about it is the size of the battery compartment - you can EASILY fit a 3000 mAh battery and more,  and the plane can handle the weight no problem. (I think more weight makes it even more stable than it is) One note of warning- there's always something, right?-  the Dynam A-10 is sensitive to the CG balance, but if you follow our directions you won't have any problems.
The RTF Dynam A-10 comes with a 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver, 2200 mAh LiPo 3S 20C battery, charger with AC adapter, glue, decals and instructions,  and requires only 8 AA batteries for the transmitter. It's got twin 30A speed controllers running the twin 64mm fans that get you up to about 65 MPH, and It's guaranteed to supply you with LOADS of hot-flying fun! The PNP version has everything but the Tx/Rx, battery and charger. So what are you waiting for?  Contact Kiler Planes at

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  1. I just got the Dynam A10 with retracts. Right out of the box, the nose wheel steering push rod was solidly glued into the tube. I had to remove it and replace the tube. The left main retract was intermittent and went up in smoke after a few tries. I eventually settled for a hand launch flight test.I set the CG at 70-75 mm from leading edge as stated. It was a lawn dart. Smashed into three pieces. WTF is it with this plane? I hand launch a beat up F18 with no problem. I hear great stuff about the A10 but I'm not impressed so far. I have over 15 planes and have been flying for over 20 years. Never had this much problem with a product before.