Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Win a FREE 13 Piece Precision Knife Set by New Years!

You can Win a FREE 13 Piece Precision Knife Set by New Years!

These Knife Sets sell fo $3.99 plus $6.99 flat rate shipping minimum at Harbor Freight and up to $17.00 (believe it or not! ) on EBay.

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To Qualify for the Drawing:
1) While you are visiting our blog, check out the 'Blog Archive' and view all posts... decide which post is your favorite.
2) Leave a message in the 'Leave us a Message Box' on the right margin indicating which post was your favorite.
3) Email us at  (note the spelling of hanger in the address) and indicate that you have left your message on the blog with your favorite page and you would like to enter the drawing on New Years Day! AND... You are entered!!!

Contest Rules:
We reserve the right to refuse any entry and end the offer at any time. In order to qualify to for an entry you must complete the required steps. Drawing will be made on New Years Day 2012 and the winner will be notified by email. The winner will also be posted on the blog.

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