Friday, December 23, 2011

Awesome Electric Indoor RC Dyke Delta! (Video)


 You had me at Dyke Delta... seriously, that's all it took to get my mouth watering. This recent video is from the Texas Indoor New Year (TINY) event that featured all kinds of cool and unusual indoor electric aircraft. The video is from youtuber sr71afan who might know is the guy with the too-cool-for-words 10 foot span (5.4 pound) C-47. And the Dark Delta VTOL video too! These guys do really cool stuff : )
 The awesome model flying in this video is patterned after John Dyke's very unusual delta shaped homebuilt aircraft from the mid 1960's. The real Dyke Delta could never dream of doing those wildly tight inside and outside loops like this model, but it still was a truly fantastic achievement from about every angle. Even tho only about 50 have been built over all those years, it's regarded as a great airplane with a realistic ability to carry 4 people and cruise at about 180 mph on 180 hp. Those numbers are great even by today's standards which tells you how far ahead of its time this little flying machine was. Plus, the pilot in front and three seats behind him cabin arrangement meant that most of the pax were very close to the CG. This also means that the two outside pax have amazing leg room! One other unique feature is that the wings were designed to easily fold flat over the fuselage allowing the airplane to be towed down the road.
 The forward-thinking and overall versatility of the Dyke delta is just awesome... I think this little gem of an airplane needs to gain some modern-day popularity. Maybe this little video can get a few more mouths watering!

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