Thursday, December 29, 2011

Giant Scale 14' Wingspan RC Airbus A400M - With Paratroopers!

Nearly 14' Wingspan RC Airbus A400M - With Paratroopers!
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 This amazing and very large (1:10 scale) Airbus A400M RC model has been around for a while but there's so dang much cool stuff on the interwebs these days that sometimes it takes a while to find the must-see items. With a nearly 14 foot wingspan, a little over 90 pounds, and with 18 servos operated by two people with two radios, this is one complex RC model. And, as this video shows, it has video cameras mounted in the cockpit(!), under the belly, in the tail, and one pointed out the back of the cargo area. That last one is especially cool since it gives us the chance to see the cargo doors open from the inside while in flight, and then we get to see some little paratroopers exit the aircraft! (doors opens at the 3:10 mark)
 The model is from France and took 6 years to build. In addition to being large and complex, this A400M appears to be a great flyer. You even get a bit of a scale-like sound out of it at times given that it has some pretty massive electric power. The flight props in the video are just two bladed but the Facebook picture gallery from Millenium Modélisme in France shows the scale 8-bladers that are also fitted. I'm assuming they are static display only... but wouldn't it be awesome if they had airworthy super screws for this thing!

Video screenshot of the huge and awesome RC A400M in flight
 You can learn a bit more from this Millenium Modélisme blog post , otherwise there doesn't seem to be a lot of additional info on the model to be found. Hopefully we'll see more great videos of this amazing beast in the future!

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