Monday, May 21, 2012

Killer Planes... The Originator of CRASHPROOFING!


With our planes you'll stay IN the air and OUT of the workshop!  
How? With the

We'll be uploading our hundreds of planes and other products over the next few weeks, when our grand opening happens! (Hang in there!) Until then, click on "PLANES" on the right for the ones you can purchase now. Yes, you'll find the AMAZING HAWKFIGHTER there. HALLELUJAH!

If you’re a beginner, you'll LOVE this.
If you’re an experienced flyer, you'll probably love it even more.

Here at Killer Planes we’ve got loads of GREAT planes and accessories, and the most important aid you'll ever find for keeping your plane in the air-
Our Carbon Fiber CRASHPROOFING KITS, with our unique CFF (Carbon Fiber Framework) design,  are available for every plane we sell, as well as some popular planes sold elsewhere. This is the CUTTING EDGE of RC aircraft protection, giving you the peace of mind only available to pilots with NO FEAR! Want it in milspeak? We're the "premier mechanism for avoidance of traumatic deconstruction of aircraft due to aggressive decelleration events". Sounds like music to a defense contractor, don't it? Check out this video and become a believer!
Let’s face it: your flying skills may lapse sometimes, but gravity ALWAYS works. CRASHPROOFING is the only thing that lets you do “wacky flying” without fear of excessive damage. Your plane belongs in the air, not on the workbench! After you get used to it, you’ll find yourself laughing when you snag  a wingtip in the grass and do airplane cartwheels.
The only way to achieve this state of bliss is CRASHPROOFING. Anybody that says a foam plane without it is “crash resistant” is from another universe. Where you and I come from, foam needs some help, and we STRONGLY recommend installing a CRASHPROOFING KIT in ALL of your planes.Want to know how the planes perform with Crashproofing installed? Better. Why? The more rigid your airframe, the better control you have, period. Crashproofing adds 10% weight to gain 500% strength - it's like you putting on 15 pounds and then being able to do a bellyflop from the roof - and walk away laughing. Every plane you see us flight test has one installed! To see more about this, click on CRASHPROOFING.

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