Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy F-86 Pilots 526th FBS USAFEurope

Courtesy of on his YouTube Channel.
One of the first Air Force Squadron to make videos. This one is about the arrival of the "new" North American F-86F Sabre jet. This was made by the 526th FBS (Fighter Bomber Squadron),"The Black Knights". This film was made at a USAFE base in Germany in 1953.

I was aware this video existed and eventually found it to post here, because my dad was a "Geiger Tiger". The "Geiger Tigers" were the 498th FIS (Fighter Interceptor Squadron) and flew th F-86D model.The F-86 "D" model was know as the Sabredog. The "Tigers" had a motto to which in part said, "We can beat any man, from any land, at any game that he can name, for any amount that he can count". So the "Tigers" were not going to sit by and let lessor squadrons take the limelight.

So the "Tigers" soon produced their own movie, titled, "Oh How They Flew". That video is also available on my page here on youtube. The "Tigers" movie became an Air Force hit, achieving almost "cult like" status. So great was the demand for their film, that the Air Force hired Hollywood professionals to re-make the movie for mass distribution within the Air Force. There are probably only 3 or 4 locations in the world that have both of these videos. I am proud to one of those.

This video is dedicated to Maj. Gen. Jones E. Bolt, CO, 526th Group.
(He is driving the Cushman scooter at the start and end)

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