Friday, March 9, 2012

Scale RC Thunderbirds Turbine Powered Jet!

The Amazing Thunderbirds T-33 (RC) Built By Graeme Mears Flies!

Gorgeous 110" wingspan RC T-33 recently made its first flight - and it flies great!

 Here's a quick update from Graeme Mears' facebook page concerning the first flights of the turbine powered RC T-33 project he recently completed:
Here are a couple of pictures of the T-33 at Florida Jets taken by David Hart. We only got two flights on during the event as the weather did not fully co-operate. The model was awarded "Critics Choice" and "Best Craftsmanship" trophies. Ali is very please with how it flies.. apparent by how he rang-it-out after only two patterns the first flight.
 To see the other picture, go here on Graeme's facebook page (scroll to the bottom of the gallery), and to see the other posts I've done about the project, check out:


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