Monday, March 26, 2012

F-35 Carrier Flight Test and Tom Cruise?

Cruise Is In For Top Gun 2 - But F-35 Is The Scientology Star! (CoolPix + Video)

(click pic for hi-res)   VTOL F-35B during carrier suitability testing in October 2011

The confirming news is now a little over a week old about the reality of a Top Gun 2 movie project with Tom Cruise coming back as Maverick. And with the 'anytime baby' F-14 Tomcat smoking cigars in an easy chair these days, the F-35 Lightning II gets a chance to show off its ability to turn cash into an incredibly slow fighter jet. Of course I'm speaking of its VTOL capabilities.

Tom Cruise as Maverick waaaay back in 1986 in the original Top Gun movie

 Regardless of how you feel about the whole F-35 project (cost, schedule, capability), when you watch the video below, it's pretty hard not to be exceedingly impressed with what this little beast can do. I love watching the control surfaces and the vectored thrust nozzle on those rolling, short carrier takeoffs! (the 1:50 mark is a good example) - I hope the onboard computers have chips that are well cooled as I'm guessing there's some serious processing going on there.
 So, whenever the Top Gun 2 movie actually hits the big screen, the scientology star for me will be the F-35, not Tom. The F-35 is all about applying science and technology to produce the ultimate fighter, so I figure if I'm gonna have to talk about scientology, I'm gonna apply it all to the Lightning II.
 I'm guessing Tom is hoping people focus on the F-35's scientology too : )

(click pic for hi-res)  Another awesome CoolPix view of the F-35B doing carrier VTOL
(F-35 images from Lockheed Martin)

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