Monday, January 16, 2012

Killer Planes 'Hawk Fighter - WOW!!

Usually ships in 2-3 days.

This is the same Hawkfighter listed on the site as an "AARF" (Almost Almost Ready to Fly). That version is for the flier who wants to get their hands dirty and sniff some glue. This version is for the serious pilot who just wants to GET OUT AND FLY the thing! If you're thinking this is expensive, compare it to the cost of 3 or 4 of the other plane you're thinking about- that's how many you'll go through to match the 9 lives of this wildcat!  The Crashproofing installed on this plane is 24 rods (!!!) and one fuselage strap. Every part of the plane is HEAVILY reinforced with carbon fiber rods- there are 13 in the fuselage and 9 in the wings! (The other 2 are in the tail)  In case you're not up to speed on carbon fiber, it's a new "miracle" material-  as strong as steel and as light as balsa, simply unbeleivable stuff.  We should send out a form email reply with this plane, so you can just click "send" when you're ready. It reads: "This is the BEST PLANE I HAVE EVER FLOWN!!"   Get ready for some SERIOUS yankin' and bankin' with a plane whose wings won't snap off!           
Need some more convincing? Check out the video!

Included with this plane is:
  1. A Dynam/Killer Planes Hawkfighter
  2. The power system you choose, installed (Choose a version of the Hawkfighter above. The Hawkfighter 1 is included in the price, and upgrades are additional. The 5 and 6 require some additional motor mounting work.)
  3. The Hawkfighter Max Crashproofing kit, installed
All you need to do is:
1- Choose your version. Hawkfigher 1 does 40+MPH. Hawkfighter 6 does 90+ on a 4 cell battery. How insane a pilot you are is the basic criteria for your choice. (We recommend the Hawkfighter 4 with a 2650mAh 3s 30c)
2- Choose accessories, if you want. (This is a GREAT plane for FPV flying!)
3- Press "ADD TO CART"
4- Fly the Hawkfighter and cry tears of joy. MANLY tears of joy. Then crash the Hawkfighter and LAUGH your crash off!

Wingspan: 44.5"
Weight: 850g to 950g
Thrust: 600g (Hawkfighter1) through 1050g (Hawkfighter6)
Speed: 40MPH (Hawkfighter1) through 90+MPH (Hawkfighter6 with a 4 cell LiPo))
Flight time: 7min (Hawkfighter6) through 15min (Hawkfighter1)
Fun Quotient: 12.5 on the Richter Scale

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