Saturday, January 28, 2012

Amazing Electromechanics In This RC C-5 Galaxy

 You might be tempted to be very impressed with the size and flying qualities of this electric-ducted-fan (EDF) RC model of the C-5 Galaxy built by youtube user Gradivarius... but that's not the part to be very impressed with. You need to pay attention to the mind-blowing details in the way the main landing gear functions exactly as it does on the real C-5 - this is pure genius! Even better, one of the multiple onboard cameras gives you a perfect view of the gear in action. I love this stuff!

Video screenshot of the RC model C-5 landing gear just before touchdown
 If you've been riding with AirPigz for a while now, you might remember my fascination (and revelation) with how the main gear operates on the C-5. I posted a video here and some pix from OSH10 here (scroll down once there) about this crazy landing gear. And now we've got this incredible RC model to marvel at. And it's not just the gear that's amazing, the fowler flaps incorporated into this model are very impressive as well.
 If you're a freak for more details like I am, the video below gives you a much better look at how the systems function. Some very, very excellent work here - enjoy : )

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