Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Killer Plane's Butcher Bird! AWESOME!

Courtesy of www.killerplanes.com
This 1200mm FW-190 is far nicer even than it looks- solid high-impact plastic front end, retracts with sequential wheel cover doors, flaps, lights,  prop-mounted motor cooling fan, side cowl exhaust ports, and massive amounts of detailing. (That's a 12" prop on there, by the way)  beautiful styling and workmanship, LOADS of power (the most powerful 3 cell plane in it's weight and size class!), and handling that gives you true fighter performance- a perfect flyer that puts other planes in it's class to shame! I was, at first, unhappy with the short gear- until I flew it. As a flying machine, this FW-190 rules! My thought is that the designer is a truly talented airframe man! If you've ever flown the other HC warbirds, you'll know what I mean. His choice of props was always wierd, for some reason (you need to change the props on all his birds to bring out their truly amazing flight characteristics) and they did change the prop on this one- the prop on this plane is one of the most efficient on any warbird of this class- this plane gives 4 cell speed on a 3 cell setup- it truly ROCKS!
I could go on and on about this truly gorgeous plane that was almost never built! The designer I mentioned is Mr Liang of HC Hobby, the guy who designed the HC Hobby Mosquito, B-25 (the first one that everyone else like FMS copied) and the truly elegant HC A-10 The 20 people who saw the original sole run of these FW-190s have been chomping at the bit ever since.
The moulds for this gorgeous plane were purchased by Top RC,who began production in November 2011,with some improvements,beleive it or not! Better prop, Carbon Fiber Wing Spars, bigger motor, just to name a few. We now carry this plane! WOO-HOOO!
Get your TopRC FW-190 today! I'll wager that you'll be contacting us about how nuts you are about this plane! You can select extra stuff from the menus above, like Crashproofing, extra props, (the plane comes with one prop), extra prop spinners, batteries, etc. There's a selection to have us enlarge the battery compartment if you want to fly it with a 2650 or 3000mah like I do (we move the battery location and reinforce the compartment with plastic plates) This baby fairly SCREAMS with a 3000mah 3s 25c battery- that's what I have in her on the video. Did I say WOO-HOOO yet?
I have one last thing to say- I like to sling planes around like they're in a dogfight or coming after something on the ground, and I love doing that at full throttle. Here's my tip of the day- if I were going to purchcase only one warbird of this size class (around 1200mm), I can tell you after flying loads of them-  I'd get this one. Nuff said.
The REAL last thing: After getting the production run of these planes, I have a few more comments. This plane is THE best packed plane I have ever seen. The BOX is made of better foam than some planes, and, unlike any other plane I've seen, has a complete cardboard box with a complete foam inner box. All the parts are REALLY secure and protected, to the point that major damage done to one of the boxes (which scared us badly) didn't affect a single part of the plane inside. The quality of everything this company does is simply top notch- I haven't ever seen a better overall product in the RC plane world. After getting loads of Dynam planes damaged (inside the undamaged box!) during shipping, this is a refreshing alternative- a plane, and all it's parts and packaging, done with forethought and care. Details like the HEAVY DUTY plastic front end have to be seen to be believed- there is simply no other foamie I've ever seen built like this one! BIG round of applause to TopRC!
The specs:
1200mm wingspan
Retracts with sequential doors and wound spring suspension
Split Flaps
7 channel control- ailerons, elevator, rudder, motor, gear, flaps, lights
1600g flying weight (1900 with MAX Crashproofing and bigger battery - MEANING: steady, stable, realistic FIGHTER performance and handling
2200mAh 3s 20c battery
12 x 7 x 3 Prop
BIG 400w Brushless Outrunner Motor
Navigation lights
HEAVY DUTY resilient plastic front end- the entire thing, up to the cockpit!
Heavy duty EPO foam

Contact Steve at  www.killerplanes.comfor ordering info!

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  1. hi im a beginner in rc (ive only flown 3 channel before) and i was wondering whether anyone could help me regarding the hawk sky which seems like a good beginner plane.. i have seen people turn it into a "hawk fighter" by clipping the wings. do you just chop it off with a xacto knife or do you have to do something special. explain in detail please since im a beginner. also which extra battery type do you recommend? 1800 mah, 2000 mah, or 2200. any other helpful tips or mods would be great thank you!