Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The beautiful Dynam FW-190 is here! They've improved on their basic fighter design by upping the size, weight, and power train of this baby (and the Messerschmitt), and it definitely makes a difference! This is a gorgeous rendition of the famous WW2 German fighter designed by Kurt Tank- this plane still makes my skin tingle when I see it flying! Can't see one in an airshow in the States? Make your own airshow! Do your loops and rolls, and then some- this baby does great combat aerobatics, and with the Crashproofing Kit installed it can easily handle VERY high stress aerobatics- the kind that wlll snap your wings if you don't have the kit! We built up our sample plane with a larger battery, the MAX crashproofing kit, and extra nose weight. The result is a 1900g fighter that is fast and furious, and skids into turns like the real thing- check out the flying in this short video, and then order your own with Crashproofing, and make a video of your own!
The Dynam FW-190 shown above and in the video was repainted by Steve. See our "How To" videos on Yootoob to find out how to paint your plane like this, and lots of other stuff that will keep you busy on those rainy afternoons that you can't actually FLY the thing!

Wingspan: 1270mm
Overall Length: 1110mm
Wing Loading: 53.7g/d㎡
Flying Weight: 1450g (1900g with Crashproofing)
Servo: 4 x 9g
Speed Controller: 40A
Motor: BM3720A-KV500
Detail and scale appearances
Detailed pilot
Retractable main gears
Large and easy accessible battery compartment
Powerful brushless motor matched with a high quality Detrum 40A ESC
Highly affordable ARF package for values!

Visit www.killerplanes.com for more info and to ORDER YOURS NOW!!!

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