Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RC Helicopter Simulator T Rex and 450 500 600 size Helicopter

RC Helicopter Simulator T Rex and 450 500 600 Size Helicopter

This Simulator, although it has Incredible Graphics and is FUN to learn on... IS NOT a TOY!
The main goal is to provide new RC helicopter pilots a simulator which is accurate enough to provide good training for flying their 'real' RC helicopter without incurring damage to your 'real' RC Helicopter!

This Simulator Software Program is 'Freeware'. You are purchasing the information on how and where to download and use this incredible Simulator and bonuses!

You can and will teach yourself to fly a Radio Control Helicopter with this Simulator!

In addition to access to download and use the Helicopter Flight Training Simulator, you will receive many helpful resources to aid you in your pursuit of the RC Flight Hobby!
These resources are extremely useful to the new as well as experienced RC pilot.

Simulator Features:
  • Record/Playback
  • Slow time, Fast time
  • Adjustable wind and turbulence
  • Adjustable flight parameters, with some presets
  • Simulated throttle and pitch curves
  • Training modes for learning to hover
New in Version 2
  • Sound! I'm not too thrilled with the motor sound, but crashes are cool!
  • FMS model compatible helicopter geometry display!
  • Random attitudes recovery practice mode.
  • Auto reset.
  • Swash interactions simulation.
  • Lower view angle option.
I know you will enjoy flying this RC Helicopter Training Simulator and and that it will help you become a proficient RC pilot.

This Radio Control (RC) model helicopter simulator has taught many new RC Helicopter to fly! You are paying for for information - if you are not satisfied I will issue an immediate refund.
You can spend a lot money for other simulators and see little or no differences! You can and will learn to fly RC Helicopters with this program... and it is FUN!
 After purchase and payment, you will quickly receive by email the delivery of instructions on where to access, install and use to begin teaching yourself to fly immediately. You will also receive the BONUSES!  Very valuable as a resource to new as well as experienced RC Pilots!

Buy Now for $2.99

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